Chris Warkentin, MP

Serving the constituents of Grande Prairie-Mackenzie


Chris Warkentin, MP

Representing the constituents of Grande Prairie-Mackenzie in Ottawa


Chris Warkentin, MP

Serving the constituents of Grande Prairie-Mackenzie


Chris Warkentin, MP

Serving the constituents of Grande Prairie-Mackenzie


Chris Warkentin, MP

Serving the constituents of Grande Prairie-Mackenzie


Welcome to my online office

I am so happy to have been given the honour of serving the constituents of Grande Prairie-Mackenzie.  I look forward to taking your ideas, passions and innovation to Ottawa.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss any issues or find out how I can serve you better.



#201, 10625 West Side Drive
Grande Prairie, Alberta
T8V 8E6

 (780) 538-1677
 (780) 538-9257


680 Valour Building
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6

(613) 992-5685
(613) 947-4782

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Here’s what’s happening with Chris


When people don’t agree with Justin Trudeau they get silenced or they get insulted.

If, like Leona, you supported Justin Trudeau in 2015 but are now frustrated by his ineffective leadership, you are both welcome and needed in the @CPC_HQ.

Canada’s Conservatives will repeal Justin Trudeau’s flawed bill C-71. We understand that farmers and law-abiding firearms owners are not criminals and will replace C-71 with legislation that targets criminals and actually makes communities safer.

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Andrew Scheer
Let’s get it done for Canadians:

After years of failing to deliver results on the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Expansion, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals still have no plan of action to get the pipeline completed. What they announced last week gets us no closer to construction or completion of this critical project and their failures over the last three years have inflicted terrible damage to our energy sector.

That’s why today I am outlining steps Justin Trudeau should take immediately to get Trans Mountain built and announcing what a Conservative government will do to reverse Justin Trudeau’s failed policies and make Canada a place where energy investments are encouraged.


Faisons le travail pour les Canadiens :

Après des années d’échecs dans le dossier du pipeline Trans Mountain de Kinder Morgan, Justin Trudeau et les libéraux n’ont toujours pas de plan d’action pour la construction du pipeline. Ce qu’ils font depuis trois ans cause des dommages terribles à notre secteur énergétique. Leur annonce de la semaine dernière ne nous rapproche pas de la construction ou de la réalisation de ce projet important.

C’est pourquoi je présente aujourd’hui les mesures que Justin Trudeau devrait prendre immédiatement pour construire Trans Mountain et que prendra un gouvernement conservateur pour annuler les politiques d’échec de Justin Trudeau. Grâce à elle, nous ferons du Canada un endroit où les investissements dans l’énergie sont encouragés.
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4 hours ago

Chris Warkentin

Andrew Scheer
Life is getting more expensive, and everywhere I go, I hear the same thing: people are getting by, but they aren't getting ahead. And the Trudeau Liberals shouldn't be making it worse.

As Prime Minister, I'm going to make sure the government takes less money from you, so you can get ahead, not just get by.
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