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Chris Warkentin, Member of Parliament for Grande Prairie – Mackenzie, responded to the Fall Economic Statement.

“43% of Canadian’s income today goes to taxes, the highest percentage in our country’s history. Today’s Fall Economic Statement does absolutely nothing to change that,” Warkentin said. “Prime Minister Trudeau has failed to implement a single measure to address the over taxation of Canadians.”

“Our country is at a crossroads. Record government spending and record high inflation are wreaking havoc on Canadian households, leading nearly 20% to skip meals and 1.5 million Canadians to visit food banks in March 2022 alone. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister and his Liberal government spend on extravagant hotel rooms, dysfunctional smartphone apps, and ineffective policies like the carbon tax,” Warkentin continued.

“The acute struggles of the Canadian people and this out-of-touch, extravagant government simply cannot co-exist for any longer.”

“That’s why my Conservative colleagues and I will continue calling on the government to balance any further spending with budgetary restraint elsewhere and to stop all planned tax hikes.”

“While the Liberals are unlikely to accept our common-sense proposals, Leader Pierre Poilievre and the entire Conservative team are committed to fighting to make life more affordable for Canadians.”