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Today in Parliament – January 26, 2016

By January 26, 2016February 4th, 2016Agriculture & Agri Food, Uncategorized
Mr. Chris Warkentin (Grande Prairie – Mackenzie, CPC)
Mr. Speaker, there is one person in the House who knows something about conflict of interest and that is the Minister of Agriculture.
As a matter of fact, in 2002 he was forced to resign as solicitor general because it was found that the government had funneled money to
the place in which his brother worked. At the time, it was ruled that he in fact was in breach of his obligations.

I am wondering if the minister has learned from his past mistakes. Will he stand in the House and admit that his current chief of staff is in a complete conflict of interest?

Hon. Lawrence MacAulay (Minister of Agriculutre and Agri-Food, Lib)
Mr. Speaker, my chief of staff is extremely qualified for the job. I am proud that she has such a strong agricultural background.
I can assure my hon. colleagues in the House that from day one in my office she was subject to the Conflict of Interest Act, and
she will also abide by any direction from the Ethics Commissioner.