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Chris Warkentin, Member of Parliament for Grande Prairie – Mackenzie and Deputy House Leader of the Official Opposition, released the following statement on Kinder Morgan’s divestment of the TransMountain Pipeline assets and expansion project.

“Kinder Morgan is selling off their major Canadian energy assets in a move that reflects a complete lack of confidence in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s ability to create a confident climate for investment,” Warkentin said.

“Today, we are no closer to building the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion than we have for months,” Warkentin continued. “The same opposition to this expansion of our pipeline network that gets our products to international markets that existed yesterday remains today.”

“The Prime Minister has chased out another private sector investor in our energy industry. This loss adds to the $80 billion of investment that Canadian workers have missed out,” noted Warkentin. “Canadian workers are becoming discouraged by the Prime Minister’s efforts that have seen Northern Gateway vetoed, Energy East torpedoed by last minute rule changes, Petronas LNG withdrawn, and now has led Kinder Morgan to walk away from this project in Canada.”

“When Justin Trudeau came to power, there were four private sector proposals to build pipelines to international markets,” said Warkentin. “Now there are none.”

“Oil is at a 3 year high and we are seeing investment in energy development skyrocketing around the world, especially in the United States.” Warkentin said. ”Everywhere, except in Canada.”

“The Prime Minister and this Liberal government have choked out investment with their regulatory noose. Private sector investment is fleeing Canada.”

“Justin Trudeau’s plan to phase out the energy sector is succeeding, to the detriment of Canadian workers and their families.”