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Chris Warkentin, Member of Parliament for Grande Prairie – Mackenzie, responded to the Fall Economic Statement.

“The Liberal economic update does nothing to address the growing crisis facing the energy sector,” Warkentin said. “Prime Minister Trudeau has failed to implement a single measure to address the price discount on Canadian oil.”

“The growth of our energy industry is stalled until new and expanded pipelines are built. The hardworking men and women in our energy sector can produce oil and gas, but cannot sell it at competitive prices unless more markets like Asia and Europe are opened to our products.”

“The Prime Minister’s policies, including the cancellation of pipeline projects and a ban on tankers off BC’s coast, are to blame for the shocking collapse we’re seeing. More taxes and burdensome regulations are not the solution.”

“Canadians can count on Andrew Scheer and a Conservative government in 2019 to fix the mess Justin Trudeau has made.”