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Warkentin Calls For Meaningful Action On TMX

Chris Warkentin, Member of Parliament for Grande Prairie – Mackenzie, called on the government to take meaningful action to begin construction on the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion after the cabinet decision to approve the project.

“This is the third time the Liberals have approved this project,” Warkentin said. “Without a plan for construction, this latest approval is meaningless.”

“Folks in the Peace Country would be forgiven if they don’t have high hopes for construction after this latest approval,” Warkentin said. “The government has strung Canadians along on this job creating project, but no progress has been made since the first approval two and a half years ago.”

“The lack of leadership and political will to support our energy sector has shattered investor confidence and cost Canadians billions in economic activity.”

“On one hand, the government nationalized a pipeline and promised to expand it. On the other, the Prime Minister has said he wants to “phase out” Canada’s oil and gas sector. It’s no wonder private sector investment has fled and not an inch of new pipeline has been laid.”

“Our energy sector needs meaningful action, and Canada’s Conservatives will deliver it.”

“As Prime Minister, Andrew Scheer and a Conservative government will cancel the Trudeau carbon tax, repeal the No-More-Pipelines Bill C-69 and Oil-Export-Ban Bill C-48, establish clear timelines for approvals, eliminate foreign interference in the approvals process, and invoke federal jurisdiction when necessary.”