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Today, Chris Warkentin, Member of Parliament for Grande Prairie–Mackenzie, called on the Liberal government to stop their elimination of support for Canadians living with diabetes.

Conservatives recently learned that the Liberal government has been denying diabetics’ applications for the Disability Tax Credit, even when their doctors have certified that they are eligible under the law. This has resulted in diabetic Canadians paying thousands of dollars more in taxes.

In addition, Canadians suffering from diabetes risk losing funds already invested in Registered Disability Savings Plans, because the Liberals no longer consider them to be disabled.

“I find it very disturbing that the Liberal’s attempts to pay for their reckless spending have led them to reach into the pockets of Canadians living with serious medical conditions,” Warkentin said. “People living with diabetes struggle with additional expenses and burdensome processes required to manage their health. This modest tax benefit is intended to assist Canadians living with significant challenges due to the disease. The decision to ban diabetic Canadians from receiving this benefit is heartless.”

“I believe that the Prime Minister should show some compassion and reverse this decision,” Warkentin said. “Conservatives will continue to fight these new tax increases on some of the most vulnerable in our country.”

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