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Chris Warkentin, Member of Parliament for Grande Prairie – Mackenzie, drew attention to the high cost of the Liberal Carbon Tax on Peace Country farmers. In the House of Commons on October 18, Warkentin called for the government to eliminate this punitive tax.

“Warmer temperatures this week are a welcome reprieve for Peace Country farmers who have been struggling to harvest flattened crops left soaked by early snow and persistent rain,” Warkentin said.

“Official reports have confirmed that 50% of the harvest is still on the ground and much of the harvest has been degraded by frost and moisture.

“Agriculture is the backbone of rural communities and with nearly $3 billion worth of grain still in the fields we are all concerned.

“The Liberal Carbon Tax is adding insult to injury.

“Wet conditions mean that the majority of grain needs to be dried. This is a major expense for any farm and the Carbon Tax on Natural Gas makes it prohibitively expensive.

“Canada’s Conservatives will always support our farmers. We will always stand against the Liberal’s harmful Carbon Tax that make Canadian farmers less competitive and limit the prosperity of our hard working farm families,” concluded Warkentin.

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