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Chris Warkentin, Member of Parliament for Grande Prairie–Mackenzie, joined diabetes advocates in calling for the Trudeau government to reverse its heartless tax grab from Canadian type 1 diabetics. Documents revealed under Access to Information laws shed light on a decision to change the interpretation of eligibility requirements for those suffering from type 1 diabetes to receive the Disability Tax Credit.

Grande Prairie resident Jill Combs was in Ottawa with members of Canada’s Diabetes advocacy organizations, Diabetes Canada and JDRF, to discuss the real life impact of this disease on those suffering from type 1 diabetes. Along with Chris Warkentin, they called on the Minister of National Revenue to reverse her decision to exclude type 1 diabetics from receiving the Disability Tax Credit. The rules state that in order for Canadians to qualify for the Disability Tax Credit, their care and treatment must take at least 14 hours per week. Canadians like Jill Combs, who have previously qualified under the rules have recently stopped receiving the tax credit.

“It’s not fair that [the Minister of National Revenue] says that I don’t meet the 14-hour requirement,” said Jill Combs. “I live diabetes every minute, every second of my day. I can’t even get into the car and drive without knowing what my blood sugars are.”

“We will stand with Jill to fight this heartless decision to exclude type 1 diabetics from receiving the Disability Tax Credit,” Warkentin said. “The Trudeau government must stop treating Canadians, especially vulnerable Canadians with life-altering medical conditions, as additional sources of revenue to be tapped.”

“Justin Trudeau has realized that the budget does not balance itself,” Warkentin noted. “Unfortunately, instead of reining in his reckless spending, it seems that he is trying to balance the budget on the backs of vulnerable Canadians.”

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