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Chris Warkentin, Member of Parliament for Grande Prairie – Mackenzie, called on the Prime Minister to show leadership and take decisive action to resolve the anti-energy trade war being waged against the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline.
“The Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project is important to Canada’s economy because it will create tens of thousands of new jobs in the Peace Country, Alberta, and across Canada,” Warkentin said. “This is a project that is in the national interest and will support long term prosperity for all Canadians”
“Justin Trudeau’s hands-off approach to energy infrastructure has seen development projects cancelled and investment in our economy dry up,” Warkentin said. “His inaction has now led to this interprovincial dispute, which threatens the livelihoods of people in both BC and Alberta.”
This project was reviewed by an independent, scientific, evidenced-based process that determined that the project was safe, would protect the environment and was in the national interest. The Prime Minister now must do his job and ensure that construction begins this spring.
“This is not something the Prime Minister can simply dismiss as a “disagreement between provinces,” Warkentin said. “Rather, he must intervene and ensure the project moves forward.”
“The Prime Minister needs to start championing Canadian energy and provide regulatory certainty, predictability, and clarity to ensure the viability of important projects like Trans Mountain.”