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Chris Warkentin, Member of Parliament for Grande Prairie – Mackenzie, announced that he is committed to voting non-confidence in the Liberal government following the Speech from the Throne on Wednesday that outlined the Trudeau Liberal government’s pandemic agenda.

“Flowery words won’t put food on anyone’s table,” Warkentin said. “Without action to unlock economic development opportunities, Canadians will continue to suffer.”

“The priority for the vast majority of Peace Country residents is economic stability and securing jobs in our communities as Canada continues to address the COVID-19 pandemic,” Warkentin said. “The Throne Speech laid out an attack against job creation in the Province of Alberta and sets the stage for tax hikes for Canadian families.”

“Prime Minister Trudeau’s attacks on jobs in the energy sector have angered Western Canadians,” Warkentin said. “Even before the global pandemic hit, Western Canada suffered from years of anti-development legislation and anti-energy rhetoric from the Liberal government. The measures announced in this speech that attack the energy sector will only deepen the resentment felt in the Peace Country.”

“I am calling on all Members of Parliament to reject Justin Trudeau’s narrative that demeans anyone who doesn’t work for a tech company like the millions of Canadians who work in the agriculture, forestry or energy sectors. We must reject this threat to national unity and embrace policies that unlock economic opportunities across Canada and reward hard work. Let’s bring prosperity and sound fiscal management back to Canada.”

“The Prime Minister prorogued Parliament to halt investigations into the actions of himself and his family. This speech was an opportunity for Trudeau to take responsibility and provide corrective action for his repeated ethics violations. This did not happen and proves this speech is only a political ploy.”

“We are here to fight for Canadians who have been left high and dry by the Liberal government. Conservatives are offering a serious, compassionate and ethical choice that protects every Canadian.”