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Ottawa – November 24, 2016

Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government have announced a new infrastructure financing scheme that many people fear will sell off public assets to foreign billionaires and will result in less funding for roads and bridges in rural communities. The so-called Canada Infrastructure Bank has been billed as a recruitment tool for international investors, offering the opportunity to make large profits on Canada’s public infrastructure.

Chris Warkentin, Member of Parliament for Grande Prairie–Mackenzie, expressed concern that this Liberal initiative will result in fewer road and bridge projects for the Peace Country. “Over the past year folks in my riding have shared their concerns and support for new projects,” Warkentin said. “Now the Liberals are taking away money that should be used to build roads and bridges in our communities.”

The Liberals will use $15 billion dollars to establish the new infrastructure program, money that was already promised for construction projects in communities across Canada. Under the proposed terms of the Liberal program, only projects worth $100 million dollars or more will be eligible for the new funding. This rule will all but guarantee that projects in rural communities, or communities in the Peace Country, will not receive any of the funding.

“The Liberals are out of touch with the needs and expectations of families in the Peace Country,” Warkentin said. “Peace Country residents work hard, pay their taxes, and deserve to see investments made back into our communities. The Liberal actions are a betrayal of our region.”

“Justin Trudeau promised Canadians that increased infrastructure spending and a deficit budget would create jobs and grow the economy,” Warkentin continued. “So far no new jobs have been created. Now the Liberals are raising taxes and taking away money from our families.”

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