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By March 29, 2022Uncategorized

Chris Warkentin, Member of Parliament for Grande Prairie – Mackenzie, characterized the April 1st increase to the Liberal Carbon tax as “devastating for Peace Country residents. Canadians can’t afford this April fools punishment, especially those living in rural and northern communities like mine” said Warkentin.

The Parliamentary Budget Officer’s report this week disputed the Liberals claims that 8 in 10 Canadians get more money back from their carbon tax plan, the PBO report says, ‘most households will see a net loss.’

“This crisis created by the Liberals and supported by the NDP will lead to higher prices, higher taxes, more debt, and less accountability. The carbon tax is a devastating failure that should be scrapped, not hiked” Warkentin said.

“After years of saying their carbon tax results in more money in the pockets of Canadians, it’s time for the Liberal government to admit that Canadian households are in fact paying more than they can afford and will continue to be unable to make ends meet because of the carbon tax.”

“They’re already paying the price for this Prime Minister’s incompetence with the highest inflation rate in a generation. These skyrocketing prices for life’s essentials are unaffordable for most Canadians but many families and seniors in the Peace Country are already at their breaking point and the carbon tax increase will be devastating.”

“During a time of out control inflation and people worrying about the price of food, gas, and groceries, Canadians can’t afford even higher costs from Trudeau’s carbon tax” said Warkentin.

Warkentin is committed to continuing the fight to end the devastating Liberal carbon tax.