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Grande Prairie, AB – January 18, 2017

Chris Warkentin, Member of Parliament for Grande Prairie-Mackenzie, expressed his concern following revelations that Canada’s Ethics Commissioner has launched an investigation into the Prime Minister, the first time a sitting Prime Minister has been investigated for such serious allegations. Warkentin believes that these alleged actions by the Prime Minister erode the public’s trust in Canada’s democratic system.

The ethics investigation focuses on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Christmas vacation in the Bahamas, facilitated by the head of an organization that lobbies and receives funding from the Canadian government.

“The Prime Minister has very clear rules about what he can and cannot do,” Warkentin said. “I find it very disturbing that he has seen fit to ignore very black and white rules that apply to him and his Ministers.”

“Canada has a strong and robust democracy because our leaders and public office holders abide by rules that prevent special interests from having undue influence. Ignoring these rules damages the integrity of our democracy.”

The Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner, Mary Dawson, has opened an investigation into the Prime Minister on two violations of the Conflict of Interest Act. The first is that the Prime Minister accepted a free vacation from the head of the Aga Khan Foundation. This organization is a federally registered lobbyist of the government and has received funding from the Canadian government. The second violation of the Act was uncovered by the Prime Minister’s own admission of his use of private aircraft for his vacation, which is specifically prohibited by the Act.

“This is the first time that a sitting Prime Minister will be investigated by the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner,” Warkentin noted. “Justin Trudeau believes that laws don’t apply to people like him. He’s growing increasingly out of touch with hardworking Canadians who know right from wrong.”

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