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Warkentin expressed deep concerns of media reports that the Trudeau government is poised to offer an apology and a $10-million compensation package to Omar Khadr for abuses he suffered while detained in the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Warkentin believes that it is one thing to acknowledge alleged mistreatments, but another to award $10 million of Canadian taxpayer money to a convicted terrorist who also murdered an allied soldier.

“Canadians know this is wrong” said Warkentin. “Given Mr. Khadr’s admission of guilt, I believe that any settlement money should be given to Sergeant Speer`s widow and two children who are the true victims.”

The facts are the following:

–          Omar Khadr admitted that he killed a U.S. Army Medic and will now be one of the wealthiest men in Canada.

–          Mr. Khadr admitted that he was working with a terrorist organization that killed 24 Canadians on September 11th, but will now receive an apology from the Government of Canada.

–          Mr. Khadr is alive today because of the medical treatment he received from U.S. forces.

“When a Canadian soldier is killed or injured in battle the government provides a lump sum payment up to a maximum of $360,000” said Warkentin. “Despite this, Prime Minister Trudeau appears willing to pay $10 million to Mr. Khadr who actively sought to kill Canadian and allied soldiers, murdered one U.S. soldier and permanently maimed another. This is wrong! Our thoughts continue to be with Christopher Speer’s widow and family who lost their husband and father.”