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OTTAWA – December 6, 2016

Documents have revealed that Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are planning a new health care tax that will increase costs for Peace Country families and seniors. The changes would force Canadians to pay additional taxes on health and dental plans.

Chris Warkentin, Member of Parliament for Grande Prairie–Mackenzie, voiced opposition to this new Health Care Tax. “Peace Country residents cannot afford more taxes,” Warkentin said. “Adding additional taxes to the health and dental plans of hardworking families and seniors in the Peace Country is unacceptable.”

Reports have revealed that the Liberal health care tax would raise costs on 13.5 million Canadians and force taxpayers to pay an additional $2.9 billion dollars in additional taxes to help pay for the Liberal’s out of control spending.

“Apparently Justin Trudeau does not think hardworking families in the Peace Country are paying enough taxes,” Warkentin said. “In order to pay for their spending spree, the Liberals are taking more money away from Canadians. Families and seniors will now have less money to pay for other essentials.”

“The Liberals have already raised taxes on small businesses and families, increased payroll taxes and imposed a carbon tax,” Warkentin added. “The last thing families need is another tax from Ottawa. If the Prime Minister really cared about families in the Peace Country, he would reverse this new Health Care Tax.”


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