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OTTAWA, September 15, 2016


New position expands responsibilities for ten-year veteran

This fall Chris Warkentin will be returning to Ottawa in an exciting new role. In addition to his responsibilities as the Member of Parliament for Grande Prairie-Mackenzie, Conservative Leader Rona Ambrose has asked Chris to serve as Deputy House Leader for Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition.

A key part of his new role will be assisting the Leader and the Conservative team in Question Period, and working with members of the Shadow Cabinet to ensure that the concerns of Canadians are heard loud and clear.

“I am pleased to have the confidence of our Leader,” said Warkentin. “This new role will allow me to more strongly advocate on behalf of my constituents and all Canadians. I am looking forward to working with all of my colleagues in the Official Opposition as we hold the Liberal government to account.”

“Canadians are worried about job losses and months of economic decline. They are worried that the Liberals care more about spending money than they do about making the lives of Canadian families better,” Warkentin added. “It will be our job to ensure that the interests of taxpayers are defended.”

“As always, I will continue to be a staunch advocate for my constituents on a day-to-day basis,” Warkentin said. “The Peace Country is my home, and in this new role the needs of my constituents will remain my number one priority.”

Warkentin has served in a number of different roles throughout his time in Ottawa, including as Chair of the Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development and as the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Public Works. Most recently he was the Official Critic for Agriculture and Agri-food.