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Chris Warkentin, Member of Parliament for Grande Prairie-Mackenzie, today reacted to Justin Trudeau’s disappointing budget.

“People in the Peace Country and across Canada have seen their paycheques vaporized by forty-year high inflation, all-time-high taxation, and doubled housing costs,” Warkentin noted. “That’s why we called for no new taxes, no new spending and concrete measures to make Canada work for those who do the work.”

Warkentin continued, “Today’s budget was disappointing but not surprising, as it failed to address our three key concerns. The government is poised to continue its tax-and-spend agenda, no matter the suffering for everyday Canadians. This Liberal government has no remorse for ratcheting up its carbon tax, which will make the necessities of life more expensive.”

“The Liberals continue to miss opportunities to reduce red tape which would save time, money and resources and reduce the regulatory burden on job creators to encourage investment, boost competitiveness, and get more Canadians back to work. Instead, the Trudeau government continues to increase taxes and regulatory burden that increases financial cost and frustration to producers and consumers alike” Warkentin said.

“In particular, Budget 2023 does nothing to address the urgent shortage of housing in Canada. Within the G7 we are both the fastest-growing country and have the lowest number of housing units per capita. Despite Conservative calls to certify tradespeoples’ credentials faster and fight cities’ reluctance to rapidly approve new housing, the Liberals remain stuck in their ways of bloated programs with minimal results.”

“Future generations will be the ones to pay for the reckless decisions of this ideological government. Conservatives will continue to oppose this government and propose concrete measures to improve the life of Canadians. A Conservative government would scrap the carbon tax, reform Canada’s tax regime to make sure Canadians are rewarded by their hard work, and ensure that houses get built in this country,” Warkentin added.