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By April 7, 2022May 5th, 2022Media Releases

Chris Warkentin, Member of Parliament for Grande Prairie-Mackenzie, today reacted to Justin
Trudeau’s disappointing budget.

“This budget does nothing for the Peace Country,” noted Warkentin. “Communities across Canada
that rely on agriculture, forestry, and energy industries like our communities in the Peace Country, continue to suffer because of the Trudeau Liberal government’s destructive policies.”

“With the escalating war in Ukraine, Canadians need a budget that ensures Canada re-establishes its position as a trusted global security partner and the preferred partner to provide food and energy to the world. Unfortunately, the Liberals continue to fall short” said Warkentin.

“More out-of-control government spending leads to out-of-control consumer prices. Canadians can’t afford to pay higher costs and higher taxes. Canadians are struggling to pay their bills and put groceries on their table.”

“The Liberals continue to miss opportunities to reduce red tape which would save time, money and resources and reduce the regulatory burden on job creators to encourage investment, boost
competitiveness, and get more Canadians back to work. Instead, the Trudeau government continues to increase taxes and regulatory burden that increases financial cost and frustration to producers and consumers alike” Warkentin said.

“Canada’s oil and natural gas industry can and should become the world’s energy supplier of choice.  Canada could meet this demand and take advantage of these opportunities by supplying the growing need with ethically sourced Canadian oil and gas. The world has wanted Canada’s natural gas and oil for years and that hasn’t changed. Energy demand continues to grow, and Canada can provide energy resources to the world while at the same time create jobs for Canadians.”

“The Trudeau government needs to get behind continued development of all our energy resources. It is irresponsible not to. Future generations will be the ones who will pay for these reckless decisions made by this ideological government” said Warkentin.