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By December 6, 2019Media Releases

Ottawa, ON – December 6, 2019

Chris Warkentin, Member of Parliament for Grande Prairie – Mackenzie, responded to the Speech from the Throne that laid out the Liberal minority government’s priorities for this next Parliament.

“This speech represents a failure by Justin Trudeau to address the real concerns facing everyday Canadians.”

In the federal election this fall, Canadians punished Prime Minister Trudeau and took away his majority in response to his inability to deliver on their priorities. The Conservative Party gained seats across Canada, while the Liberal and New Democratic Parties took heavy losses.

“Canadians gave this parliament a mandate for the government to work with opposition parties, rather than unilaterally implement a failed Liberal vision,” Warkentin said. “The Liberals have presented a plan in this speech that is essentially a carbon copy of the Liberal platform, failing to learn any lessons from this past election.”

“For Canadians and especially those living in the Peace Country, there was nothing to address the crisis facing the Alberta energy sector, or the challenges affecting our farmers and producers.”

“Voters rejected the Liberal majority government that brought in harmful and divisive legislation like C-69 and C-48, yet we see no reflection of this in Trudeau’s new plan, and no steps are being taken to address the national unity crisis.”

“Justin Trudeau has ignored the voices of Canadians and he’s pushing on with his failed plan,” Warkentin said. “The Canadian people are counting on us to hold this wayward government to account and our expanded Conservative Caucus will deliver for them.”