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By December 7, 2023March 19th, 2024Media Releases

OTTAWA – December 7, 2023

Warkentin to vote non-confidence in Liberal government over 100 times in the next 24 hours.

Chris Warkentin, Member of Parliament for Grande Prairie-Mackenzie, will be voting non-confidence in this Liberal government over 100 times to get rid of the punishing carbon tax and signal the widespread lack of confidence in this Liberal government.

Warkentin responded to the recent Senate vote on Bill C-234, “This Prime Minister has gone too far. This week, Justin Trudeau used manipulative and intimidating tactics to sway Liberal senators into voting against a Conservative bill that aimed to remove taxes for struggling farmers burdened by his punitive carbon tax. The Conservatives won’t stand for this government continuously playing political games with the livelihoods of farmers, First Nations and families. This Liberal government has punished Canadians for too long.”

He continues, “This government takes your money, taxes your food, punishes your work and doubles your housing costs. Canadians are struggling in this Liberal-created cost-of-living crisis and now they want to quadruple the carbon tax and ruin your Christmas.

Unfortunately, the current agreement between the Liberals and the NDP allows the government to survive every confidence vote that happens. I will continue to vote non-confidence in this government at every opportunity until Canadians can replace these out-of-touch Liberals with a common sense government that will defend struggling Canadians.

If Trudeau wants to ruin Christmas for Canadians, then the common sense Conservatives are going to ruin Trudeau’s Christmas as well. We are going to put in thousands of amendments at committee and in the House of Commons, forcing all-night around-the-clock voting to block the Liberals’ $20 billion of inflationary spending until they agree to axe the tax for farmers, First Nations and families. We will not rest until the tax is gone.

A desire for change is growing across the country. As we vote over 100 times non-confidence in this government, my colleagues and I want to send a message that this Prime Minister is just not worth the cost.”