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By March 9, 2020March 11th, 2020Media Releases

Chris Warkentin, Member of Parliament for Grande Prairie–Mackenzie, warned the Trudeau
Liberal government that their sky-high taxes, wasteful spending, and massive deficits have
put Canada in a weak and vulnerable position.

The last quarter has seen the worst economic growth in the past four years and illegal
blockades, coronavirus, and falling oil prices have compounded their negative effects on
economic growth.

“It’s wise to save for a rainy day, but the Trudeau Liberals haven’t checked their spending
since 2015, and a storm is coming,” warned Warkentin. “The debt-to-GDP ratio is rising, and
the deficit has ballooned to $28 billion, abandoning any plan to balance the budget. The
cupboard has been spent bare when times were good and now there is nothing left.”
Conservatives have laid out a plan to unleash Canada’s economy including measures for this
year’s federal budget. They include:
o Tax cuts for workers and entrepreneurs to reward investment and work;
o A reasonable plan to phase out the deficit and reassure investors;
o A Two-for-One Rule to eliminate red tape and liberate businesses;
o An end to corporate welfare for favoured companies; and
o An end to the wasteful Liberal spending that we have seen over the past four

“Canada’s Conservatives have a plan to unleash our economy, reward hard work, eliminate
waste and allow Canadians to fulfill their potential. We will continue to be the voice of
hardworking entrepreneurs and workers and demand that the Trudeau Liberals get our
economy back on track so that Canadians can get back to work.”