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By December 17, 2021Media Releases

Yesterday, the House of Commons rose for Christmas break. Chris Warkentin, Member of
Parliament for Grande Prairie – Mackenzie, returns home frustrated by the Government’s
unwillingness to address Canadian’s, specifically Peace Country resident’s, concerns.

The ever-increasing costs of everyday living, the ongoing attack on Alberta’s oil and gas
industry, and out of control government spending and unprecedented inflation.

As we look for ways to rebuild Canada’s economy, “I think it’s clear that support for a strong
oil and gas sector is essential to drive Canada’s economic growth” said Warkentin.

Even though Canada has the world’s third-largest oil reserves, and is the fifth largest
producer of natural gas, Canada continues to purchase oil and gas from other countries with
poorer human rights and environmental records. Decisions made now will have long lasting
economic impacts.

“Peace Country residents have also told me they are concerned about the rising cost of
living,” noted Warkentin. “They wonder how they can keep up with the increasing cost of gas,
food, and everyday living expenses.”

Canada’s inflation rate is at its highest point since 2003, with the cost of living up 4.7 per cent
compared to a year ago. Today’s numbers show that Justin Trudeau spent a staggering $400
billion above normal levels over the past two years, with a deficit among the highest in the G20 last year.

“I will continue to oppose the Liberal high-tax, high-deficit agenda, which will cripple our
economy and lead to a higher cost of living.”

“It is my privilege to serve Peace Country communities and the people who call our region
home. I will continue to fight for our residents in Ottawa. I look forward to 2022 and the
opportunities and the challenges that we will face together.”