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Chris Warkentin, Member of Parliament for Grande Prairie – Mackenzie, responded to the Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling that the Liberal government’s federal carbon tax is constitutional.

“I am concerned that this decision by the Supreme Court will pave the way for the Federal government to infringe on provincial rights in the future and does nothing to ease the tensions western provinces are already feeling.”

“Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax is devastating for hard working Albertans who are already struggling to get by. When he made the decision to triple the Carbon Tax he put hundreds of thousands of jobs at risk” Warkentin said.

“Under Trudeau, Canada’s unemployment rate is among the highest in the G-7, and we are experiencing the worst economic growth since the great depression. It’s impossible to understand why Trudeau would choose now, of all times, to put Canadians out of work.”

“This is nothing short of a middle-class tax hike and adds unnecessary burdens to the very people Justin Trudeau campaigned to fight for. Canada’s Conservatives are committed to putting forward a clear plan that focuses on reducing emissions but doesn’t leave Canadians out in the cold.”

“I will never support these attacks on Peace Country residents. Conservative’s will repeal this Liberal Carbon Tax and I will continue to fight for our energy sector and for all Canadians who can’t afford Justin Trudeau’s reckless policies. My relentless focus will remain on securing jobs, securing the economy, and securing our future.”